This is important because reasons.

i am screaming

okay soo .. now i REALLY want a cat..  

I’m not a cat person, but I can’t ignore this

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Starting a new part of my life that feels like it’s all my own, I’m earning it. I’m putting in the time to get there and I’m committed to graduating and getting started on my career. I have had few snags along the way, but i’m certain there’s nothing I can’t handle. At least, nothing dealing with school anyways.

 During our last muster I was thinking how challenging it will be going through this alone. I know I have my shipmates and my friends. But I can’t really say I connect with any of them on that level. Our Chiefs and Petty Officers always seem to emphasize how important our relationships with each other and loved ones are. yet the majority of them wear no wedding bands. Unmarried, divorced, unmarried, separated, single parent, divorced, divorced.. divorced. The divorce rate is a percent that would make your test grade look good. I guess you could blame it on them without knowing for sure, but I have to think that it takes a lot from both people to make it work. I have no fucking clue how I’ll ever find a girl who can handle it, but I’m enlisted and I’ll have to find my other half eventually.

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"The Waitress" - A short film based on the song by Atmosphere